Microsoft Office Specialist Training (MOST)

MOST is an 8-week certification program designed to prepare students to take the internationally recognized Microsoft Office Specialist Exam.

Students use case studies to demonstrate efficiency, and mastery of advanced level objectives in the Word and Excel software application.

The exam consists of 7 projects with 35 objectives, and must be completed in under 55 minutes to demonstrate efficiency, and mastery of the Microsoft Software.

Upcoming Course Schedule

Next Program Date Weekdays Time Length
1/17/23 - 3/9/23
Monday & Wednesday
6:30pm - 8:30pm
8 Weeks
IT Classroom | The Ladder Alliance

The Ladder Alliance tries to eliminate barriers to attending class, by providing snacks before all classes, and childcare is available for children during evening classes, provided by Clayton Youth. Students can also earn points at the on-site “Success Store” to purchase new or gently-used clothing.

Prospective applicants can call The Ladder Alliance at  817-834-2100 for more information.