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Bliss Coulter | The Ladder Alliance

Bliss Coulter

Bliss Coulter is an achievement-driven executive who has dedicated over 15 years experience working to empower survivors of domestic violence, low income individuals, and families through innovative programming, leadership and strategic vision.

In 2019, Bliss was named the CEO of The Ladder Alliance. In her first year, she was able to double the amount of operating cash and reserve, transformed the annual golf event from the traditional green grass fundraiser to TopGolf, which increased new attendees by 80% and helped The Ladder Alliance achieve the “Best Place for Working Parents in 2020″ designation award.

Mrs. Coulter spent her first year at the helm doing an environmental scan/assessment of what it would take to advance The Ladder Alliance to the next level and devised a well-executed plan to ensure agency elevation. By placing substantial emphasis on capacity building, scalable and equitable community change, diversifying the existing funding portfolio and having clear outcome goals The Ladder Alliance has seen tremendous success over the past year.

Mrs. Coulter has a passion and extensive experience for serving the community in various roles, from mentoring youth and other emerging leaders, engaging key stakeholders at all levels, to creating avenues for systems change.

Bliss received her Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling from Texas Women’s University with a major in Counseling and Development. She previously graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree and has her certification in Business Management. Bliss is a licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Texas and a National Certified Counselor.

When Bliss is not working, she enjoys spending time with her wife Ashleigh, her son Stetson and her horses at her ranch.

Susan Smith | Director of Foundation & Corporate Relations

Susan Smith

Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations


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Director of Programs and Operations


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Director of Development

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Frank Thomas

IT Instructor

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Carrie Todd

IT Instructor

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Alex Dominguez

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Bilingual IT Instructor

Stacy Stelzel | Program Coordinator

Stacy Stelzel

Program Coordinator

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Melissa Fabila

Administrative Services Coordinator