Climbing the Steps to Independence

About Us


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Sharon Cox founded The Ladder Alliance in response to her experience as a high school business computer teacher in a low socio-economic area in El Paso, Texas. Most of her students were living in poverty and were the children of migrant farm workers. Knowing that computer skills were essential to working in a technological job market, Sharon realized that the computer skills her students were learning would assure  they could secure employment following high school graduation.


Following a move to Fort Worth in 2001, Sharon was able to realize her dream of opening a non-profit focusing on teaching computer skills to women victims of domestic violence and low-income women. In January of 2003, The Ladder Alliance held its first class consisting of seven students from Women’s Haven (now SafeHaven) in donated space at First Christian Church.


As an established 501(c)(3) organization, The Ladder Alliance serves between 300 and 400 women annually. The mission is to provide women victims of domestic violence and low-income women with the tools to lead self-reliant, independent and successful lives.


Currently the organization provides two distinct programs.



The Ladder Alliance is located at One Safe Place, a Family Justice Center, where most of the agencies working with victims of domestic violence are located. When referrals are needed, they can be done seamlessly in the building assuring a less stressful experience for clients.

Our Vision:

The Ladder Alliance, creating a community of successful women through education, empowerment and encouragement.

Our Values:

  • Relevance: The Ladder Alliance provides skills needed by employers which will lead to self-reliant, independent and successful lives.
  • Compassion: The Ladder Alliance practices acceptance of each person, regardless of circumstances.
  • Integrity: The Ladder Alliance treats all stakeholders with honesty and respect.
  • Commitment: The Ladder Alliance acknowledges responsibility to demonstrate through our actions securing internal and external support sufficient to achieve our mission.